VHF 2.0mm zirconia DC milling bur

VHF zirconia milling bur use of international advanced coating technology, in line with international standards of tolerance and spiral angle, ultra-fine particles, unparalleled durability.


Name VHF 2.0mm zirconia DC milling bur
Size 2.0mm
Coated DC
Length 40mm
Shank diameter 3.0mm
Usage for zirconia

  Features of VHF 2.0mm zirconia DC milling bur:
*This VHF zirconia burs is designed for use with VHF millling machine
*Allow to mill material 10mm-26mm in thickness, approved for milling: zirconia, Wax and PMMA and some metal milling.
*Specially engineered for precise performance, maximun durability and longer life
*High milling capacity: 800pcs-1000pcs for diamond coating(Real data feedback from our customer)

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